Bradford S. Canova

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The venerable problem solving technique of simulation finds itself in the midst of a revolution. Where once it was regarded as a “technique of last resort” for systems analysis, today simulation is widely applied to support myriad purposes, including: training, interaction, visualization, hardware testing, and decision support in real-time. Advanced(More)
The techniques and methodologies for verification and validation of software-based systems have arguably realized their greatest utility within the context of simulation. Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS), a major initiative within the defense modeling and simulation community, presents a variety of challenges to the classical approaches. A case study(More)
This report describes an investigation into use of genetic algorithm (GA) technology to model the adaptive nature of individual humans, and to represent in a synthetic environment the ability of individual humans to learn, change their behavior over time, and improve their individual performance in a variety of general situations. The context of the human(More)
This paper describes a combined effort between The Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), the Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA) and the MITRE Corporation to exploit M&S to support Operational Test (OT) of the Predator Short Range Assault Weapon (SRAW). When applied appropriately, the cost benefits of using simulation(More)
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