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In this chapter, we discuss theoretical and conceptual models that use an organismic or systems metaphor for understanding families. We suggest that such theories are important for stimulating new research and organizing existing data, and that advances in these theories over the past few decades have expanded the potential for understanding child(More)
1 Mapping Science 1 Today's number of researchers exceeds the number of researchers ever alive before. Some areas of science produce more than 40,000 papers a month. No man or machine can process and make sense of this enormous stream of data, information, knowledge, and expertise. We are in desperate need of better tools to manage, access and utilize our(More)
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED iv To my mother Chhaya Kirtiraj Mane v Acknowledgements Over the last four years, I had an opportunity to work with many people who made my time at Indiana University enjoyable and intellectually stimulating. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped me along the way and contributed towards this(More)
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