Bradford Paley

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In this chapter, we discuss theoretical and conceptual models that use an organismic or systems metaphor for understanding families. We suggest that such theories are important for stimulating new research and organizing existing data, and that advances in these theories over the past few decades have expanded the potential for understanding child(More)
The effect of 45 substances to restore the salt tolerance of sublethally heat-injured Staphylococcus aureus was tested. Sodium pyruvate, yeast extract, L-histine, casitone (Difco), adenosine triphosphate, and acetylphosphate were effective. For enumeration a repair medium was first used, containing sodium pyruvate and penicillin in 1% skim milk. This step(More)
Analysis and visualization techniques share a symbiotic relationship when it comes to making sense of datasets. Particularly for large datasets, the coupling of data analysis and data visualization is often beneficial. While a gamut of data analysis and visualization techniques exist, it is often problematic to identify what combination of techniques is(More)
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