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A Circumstellar Disk Around β Pictoris
A circumstellar disk has been observed optically around the fourth-magnitude star β Pictoris. First detected in the infrared by the Infrared Astronomy Satellite last year, the disk is seen to extendExpand
NICMOS Imaging of the HR 4796A Circumstellar Disk
We report the first near-infrared (NIR) imaging of a circumstellar annular disk around the young (~8 Myr), Vega-like star HR 4796A. NICMOS coronagraph observations at 1.1 and 1.6 μm reveal a ringlikeExpand
The Surface of Titan from NICMOS Observations with the Hubble Space Telescope
Abstract From diffraction-limited images produced by the near-IR camera NICMOS aboard the Hubble Space Telescope we derived maps of Titan's surface in the methane windows near 1.1, 1.6, and 2.0 μm.Expand
Embedded Star Formation in the Eagle Nebula
M16 (=NGC 6611), the Eagle Nebula, is a well-studied region of star formation and the source of a widely recognized Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image. High spatial resolution infrared observationsExpand
Near Infrared Photometry of the Jovian Ring and Adrastea
Abstract The near IR spectral reflectance of the Jupiter dust ring is poorly known because of problems with scattered light from the planet. Here we report colors for the jovian ring and one of theExpand
The martian atmosphere: Mariner 9 television experiment progress report
Abstract Atmospheric phenomena appearing in the Mariner 9 television pictures are discussed in detail. The surface of the planet was heavily obscured by a global dust storm during the first month inExpand
Stability of Neptune's ring arcs in question
Although all four of the gas-giant planets in the Solar System have ring systems, only Neptune exhibits ‘ring arcs’—stable clumps of dust that are discontinuous from each other. Two basic mechanismsExpand
Spatially resolved methane band photometry of Saturn . I. Absolute reflectivity and center-to-limb variations in the 6190-, 7250-, and 8900-Å bands
Abstract Spatially resolved measurements of Jupiter's absolute reflectivity in methane bands at 6190, 7250, and 8900 A and nearby continuum regions are presented. The data were obtained with a 400 ×Expand
Results from observations of the 15 June 1983 occultation by the Neptune system
Observations of eight Neptune occultations from six sites in the southwestern Pacific on June 15, 1983. The data were used to search for evidence of rings around Neptune down to a distance of 0.03Expand