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The Agricultural Policy Analysis Center gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the American Corn Growers Association, especially John Dittrich. We are especially appreciative of the valuable contributions of a number of people who have provided assistance researching, reviewing, and editing material contained in this report. In particular, we thank:(More)
PURPOSE The present investigation aimed to identify factors that predict reduced visual acuity in keratoconus from a prospective, longitudinal study. METHODS This report from the Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Keratoconus (CLEK) Study used 7 years of follow-up data from 953 CLEK subjects who did not have penetrating keratoplasty in either eye at(More)
BACKGROUND Advancements in knowledge of obesity aetiology and mobile phone technology have created the opportunity to develop an electronic tool to predict an infant's risk of childhood obesity. The study aims were to develop and validate equations for the prediction of childhood obesity and integrate them into a mobile phone application (App). METHODS(More)
  • Gina M Ferrie, Vance C Alford, +36 authors Eduardo V Valdes
  • 2014
Amphibian biology is intricate, and there are many inter-related factors that need to be understood before establishing successful Conservation Breeding Programs (CBPs). Nutritional needs of amphibians are highly integrated with disease and their husbandry needs, and the diversity of developmental stages, natural habitats, and feeding strategies result in(More)
Theorem 4 (Recurrence): 9L w (x) = 2<3l_ n+l {x) + (x-l)$l_ n+2 (x). Corollary 1: (3l_ n (l) = 2 n-l {2u-2r-l}. Theorem 5 (Generating function): f>-,W = {u-r + [-u + x(u-l)]y}{l-(2y + (x-l)y 2)r l Analogously to the procedures in [2], we may derive a Binet form and a Simson formula for <3l_ " (x). The development outlined above complements that in [4] and(More)
Euler proved the following recurrence for p(n), the number of partitions of an integer n : (1) p(n) + ∞ X k=1 (−1) k (p(n − ω(k)) + p(n − ω(−k))) = 0 for ω(k) = 3k 2 +k 2. Using the Jacobi Triple Product identity we show analogues of Euler's recurrence formula for common restricted partition functions. Moreover following Kolberg, these recurrences allow us(More)
The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF2014) was conducted to assess the quality of research carried out at higher education institutions in the UK over a 6 year period. However, the process was criticized for being expensive and bureaucratic, and it was argued that similar information could be obtained more simply from various existing metrics. We were(More)
S t t a a t t e e s s b b y y 2 2 0 0 2 2 5 5 : : A A g g r r i i c c u u l l t t u u r r a a l l a a n n d d E E c c o o n n o o m m i i c c I I m m p p a a c c t t s s b by y B Bu ur rt to on n C C.. E En ng gl li is sh h, , D Da an ni ie el l G G.. D De e L La a T To or rr re e U Ug ga ar rt te e, , K Ki im m J Je en ns se en n, , C Ch ha ad d H He el ll(More)