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A prospective series of 32 consecutive patients, with 33 long-bone fractures suffering from delayed- or non-union were treated by pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) or by PEMF with surgery. The management regime for the PEMF treatment was simpler and less rigid than that reported by Bassett et al. and our stimulation waveform was also different. Nineteen(More)
The effect of extremely-low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields (PMF) on the response of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to mitogenic stimulation is reported. We investigated 25 healthy control subjects. Mitogen-stimulated mononuclear cells were exposed to PMF for 72 h and an inhibition of 3H-thymidine uptake was observed in all but one subject. The(More)
Measurement of the resting electrical potential difference on the surface of the skin has been made on patients with suspected basal cell carcinoma. It was demonstrated that in fifty-five lesions from forty-nine patients, the mean electrical potential difference from thirty-six basal cell carcinomas was found to be +II mV, from nineteen benign inflammatory(More)
The design of a new radiotelemetry capsule (26 mm long X 7.6 mm diameter), with an in vivo life of 1 month is described in the context of previous work in this field. In vitro evaluation of the capsule indicates an accuracy and performance comparable with a conventional pH meter. Several clinical applications are described, including measurements of(More)
If the bladder is regularly emptied in appropriate circumstances the concentration of bacteria in successively voided samples progressively falls. By making a number of assumptions about conditions of bacterial growth in the bladder the way in which this washout of bacteria will occur can be predicted. Such predictions give a form of washout curve which(More)