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Exception management is a critical design function of organizational information systems (IS) whose effectiveness relies, in large part, on end-user decision-making about how to proceed. Because IS increasingly support the underlying business processes of the company, careless mismanagement of IS exceptions pose substantial risks to corporate information(More)
3 Comments • Related Topics: credit cards, debt, smart shopping , cash back, credit card rewards, reward programs In theory, cash-reward credit cards seem great: Card holders get 1%, and occasionally 5% back for purchases. The system seems like it provides automated discounts and instant savings. The problem is that the way the incentives work, consumers(More)
This paper investigates the e€ects of performance based monetary incentives on cue usage within the information overload paradigm. Participants suggested appropriate stock prices for hypothetical companies based on either six or nine non-correlated information cues. The presence of monetary incentives motivated increased response times compared to(More)
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