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Brief multielement designs were used to examine the effects of specific instructional strategies on accuracy of academic performance during outpatient evaluations of 4 children with learning disorders. Instructional strategies that improved accuracy on academic tasks were identified for all participants. These results suggest that the application of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Understanding the time course of sexual partnerships is important for understanding sexual behaviour, transmission risks for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and development of mathematical models of disease transmission. STUDY DESIGN The authors describe issues and biases relating to censoring, truncation and sampling that(More)
Patency of pressure sensing systems can be provided by the Intraflow Continuous Flush System (Sorenson Research Company, Salt Lake City, UT 84115). This device allows continuous flow of flush solution through a regulatory valve while preventing transmission of the high pressure of the flush solution. The case presented describes the recognition of a false(More)
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