Brad Mehlenbacher

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This paper will provide insight into the current emphasis of research on distance education and e-learning. The review is organized by three intersecting activities. First, we informally collected and reviewed approximately 300 peer-reviewed journals for articles published on distance education and instruction and technology broadly defined [30]. Second, we(More)
The objective of this paper is to bring users to the foreground of ongoing system and documentation development effortsbydoing five things(1) outlining existing methods to eliat user reactions to dt-ware; (2)describinghow todesigninformal usability tests employing each method; (3) discussing the slmngthsand weahessesof each method given the time and(More)
KEY DEFINITIONS Online support systems can be divided into three classes, online tutorials, on-line help, and online documentation. Online tutorials have the broadest focus , helping users learn about features and tasks through explanation, example , and hands-on experimentation. Online documentation typically has a narrower focus, providing users with(More)
This paper provides an abbreviated history of the Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication (ACM SIGDOC). The ACM SIGDOC has a relatively short history as special interest groups go (1975 to the present), but not in terms of the brief history and explosive growth of computer science, interface design, and(More)
This paper provides an overview of current research on social media applications, including user demographics and how social media websites define themselves. The paper also describes user activities using social media and suggests known strengths and weaknesses of social media, and concludes by outlining several recommendations for developing strong online(More)