Brad McColl

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Signaling through G proteins normally involves conformational switching between GTP- and GDP-bound states. Several Rho GTPases are also regulated by RhoGDI binding and sequestering in the cytosol. Rnd proteins are atypical constitutively GTP-bound Rho proteins, whose regulation remains elusive. Here, we report a high-affinity 14-3-3-binding site at the C(More)
Cell death requires coordinated intracellular signalling before disassembly of cell architecture by degradative enzymes. Although the death signalling cascades that involve the mitochondria, the ER and the plasma membrane have been extensively characterized, only a handful of studies have examined the functional and structural alterations of the nuclear(More)
Rnd proteins are atypical Rho family proteins that do not hydrolyse GTP and are instead regulated by expression levels and post-translational modifications. Rnd1 and Rnd3/RhoE induce loss of actin stress fibres and cell rounding in multiple cell types, whereas responses to Rnd2 are more variable. Here we report the responses of endothelial cells to Rnd(More)
Rnd proteins are atypical members of the Rho GTPase family that induce actin cytoskeletal reorganization and cell rounding. Rnd proteins have been reported to bind to the intracellular domain of several plexin receptors, but whether plexins contribute to the Rnd-induced rounding response is not known. Here we show that Rnd3 interacts preferentially with(More)
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