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The Educative Potential of Cell Phones in the Social Studies Classroom
Over 75 percent of teens have a cell phone, and today's youth are increasingly turning to their cell phones to communicate and access information (Pew Internet 2009). As teens gain access and useExpand
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Social Networking and the Social Studies for Citizenship Education
An increasing number of youth are using social networking sites to access information, communicate and even advocate. Yet, these 21st century tools are often misunderstood by teachers and/orExpand
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Digital Bridges for Global Awareness: Pre-Service Social Studies Teachers’ Experiences Using Technology to Learn from and Teach Students in Thailand
In order to ensure teachers are willing and ready to promote global perspectives in their classrooms, pre-service social studies teachers must know how to teach about the world, its people, andExpand
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Teaching Social Studies with Video Games
Today's youth have grown up immersed in technology and are increasingly relying on video games to solve problems, engage socially, and find entertainment. Yet research and vignettes of teachersExpand
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The State of Global Education : Learning with the World and its People
1. Introduction Brad M. Maguth and Jeremy Hilburn PART I. Global Education in Theory 2. A Pedagogy of Development Education. Lessons for a More Critical Global Education Douglas Bourn 3. GlobalExpand
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Preparing Urban Youth to Live-up to their Civic Promise? Researching Youth Positionality of Civic Engagement Using an Arts-Based Instrument
Additional research is needed on ways in which urban youth report their civic engagement. Existing resesearch indicates that federal legislation has resulted in reduced instructional time andExpand
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Beyond the Surface: A Guide to Substantive World Fairs in the Social Studies
In an age of increasing global and multicultural forces, the social studies is usually the subject charged with promoting a deeper level of understanding in regards to cultural diversity. To achieveExpand
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Awakening the Sleeping Giant: A Commentary on Social Studies During the Coronavirus Pandemic
In this essay, I highlight two ways the coronavirus pandemic to-date has influenced the teaching and learning of social studies. First, despite its marginalization and under-investment nationally,Expand