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Birth registration and children's rights: a complex story
Birth registration is a fundamental right of all children and a basic function of all modern governments. So, given the extensive anticipated benefits of birth registration, there has been increasingExpand
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From Monnet to Delors: Educational Co-operation in the European Union
  • Brad K. Blitz
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  • 1 May 2003
This article presents an historical analysis of the European Union's educational policy from the inception of the European Community to the establishment of a directorate for education in theExpand
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‘Brain circulation’: the Spanish medical profession and international medical recruitment in the United Kingdom
The movement of highly skilled workers between developed states has given rise to recent studies on ‘international professionals’ and has fuelled debate over the degree to which such movements shouldExpand
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Forced Migration and Global Politics
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Non-Voluntary Return? The Politics of Return to Afghanistan
The forced removal of 35 Afghan nationals from the UK in April 2003 calls into question the viability of the government's voluntary repatriation schemes and undermines the voluntary nature of returnExpand
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Statelessness, protection and equality
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Health Challenges in Refugee Reception: Dateline Europe 2016
The arrival of more than one million migrants, many of them refugees, has proved a major test for the European Union. Although international relief and monitoring agencies have been critical ofExpand
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Migration and Freedom: Mobility, Citizenship and Exclusion
Migration and Freedom is a thorough and revealing exploration of the complex relationship between mobility and citizenship in the European area. Drawing upon over 170 interviews, it provides anExpand
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Highly skilled migration
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