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Previous methods of analyzing the substance of political attention have had to make several restrictive assumptions or been prohibitively costly when applied to large-scale political texts. Here, we describe a topic model for legislative speech, a statistical learning model that uses word choices to infer topical categories covered in a set of speeches and(More)
Harnessing neutrophils for the eradication of cancer cells remains an attractive but still controversial notion. In this study, we provide evidence that neutrophils are required to prevent relapse of skin tumors following topical treatment with a new anticancer agent, ingenol-3-angelate (PEP005). Topical PEP005 treatment induces primary necrosis of tumor(More)
Options for skin cancer treatment currently include surgery, radiotherapy, topical chemotherapy, cryosurgery, curettage, and electrodessication. Although effective, surgery is costly and unsuitable for certain patients. Radiotherapy can leave a poor cosmetic effect, and current chemotherapy is limited by low cure rates and extended treatment schedules.(More)
(the Soar-RL Tutorial is currently a separate document from this six-part tutorial) Soar Tutorial 2 Acknowledgments This tutorial is the culmination of work by many people, and has been refined and expanded significantly over several years. Soar 8, based on Bob Wray's thesis work with contributions from Randy Jones and Mike vanLent, was a significant(More)
Political Science Research and Methods (PSRM) is a general political science journal dedicated to publishing original scholarly work of the highest quality from all subfi elds of political science. PSRM also welcomes work at the intersection of political science and related disciplines. Manuscripts should apply rigorous methods to empirical or theoretical(More)
Alternatively, requests for copies may be sent by facsimile to the above address on 9850 7281(STD code 02; ISD code 61 2). whose suggestions led to substantial revisions to this paper. Paul Labys, Michel Dacorogna and Ramo Gencay also provided helpful comments.