Brad Harvey

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Sixty coldwater and warmwater fish ranging in weight from 2 to 35 kg were injected intramuscularly with the hypnotics alphaxalone-alphadolone and metomidate hydrochloride and the non-depolarising muscle relaxant gallamine triethiodide using a laser-aimed underwater dart gun. Alphaxalone-alphadolone produced sufficient sedation for easy netting within five(More)
Modularity as an object oriented principle helps to develop appropriate large-scale and complex software. But modularity has some deficits [14] such as modular decomposition etc. , which is not allowed widely using modularity in software development in current years. In this paper some principles have been provided for increase modularity of software(More)
In the recent years, Privacy preserving techniques have been actively studied in the time-series data in various fields like financial, medical, and weather analysis. We are focusing towards preserving the data through Anonymity and Generalization technique. We first investigate, what's the privacy to be incorporated at the time-series data and after(More)
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