Brad H Douglas

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Several methods were used in an attempt to produce preeclampsia in the pregnant rat. Desoxycorticosterone acetate plus increased NaCl intake produced hypertension, proteinuria, rapid weight gain, convulsions, decreased litter size, decreased offspring weight, increased fetal and maternal mortality, and renal lesions similar to those seen in human(More)
The steady-state relationship between mean arterial pressure (AP) and output of sodium and water was determined for one-kidney control (1KC), one-kidney Goldblatt (1KG), normotensive Wistar-Kyoto (WKY), and Okamoto spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). Control fluid intake (given by intravenous infusion) was set at approximately 30 ml/day Ringer solution.(More)
Bovine chromaffin granules and large dense-cored vesicles of bovine splenic nerve were compared by one- and two-dimensional immunoblotting. Both types of vesicles contain chromogranin A, B and C. However, the proteolytic processing of these chromogranins within these vesicles is apparently different. Chromogranin B in chromaffin granules is processed by(More)
DOUGLAS, BEN H., ARTHUR C.GUYTON,JIMMY B. LANGSTON, AND VERNON S. BISHOP. Hypertension caused by salt loading. II: Fluid volume and tissue pressure changes. Am. J. Physiol. 207 (3) : 669-67 I . 1 g64.-Experimental hypertension was produced in dogs by increasing their dietary intake of sodium chloride after removing approximately 707~ of their renal tissue.(More)