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—Simulations that require massive amounts of computing power and generate tens of terabytes of data are now part of the daily lives of scientists. Analyzing and visualizing the results of these simulations as they are computed can lead not only to early insights but also to useful knowledge that can be provided as feedback to the simulation, avoiding(More)
Collaboratively monitoring and analyzing large scale simulations from petascale computers is an important area of research and development within the scientific community. This paper addresses these issues when teams of colleagues from different research areas work together to help understand the complex data generated from these simulations. In particular,(More)
Managing and understanding the large volumes of scientific data is one of the most difficult challenges scientists face today. As interdisciplinary groups work together, the ability to generate a diversified collection of analyses for a broad audience and in an ad-hoc manner is essential to support effective data exploration. Science portals and Web-based(More)
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