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Care of asthmatic children is often episodic and more therapeutic than preventive. A 2-year randomized, controlled trial involving 95 children measured the impact of a comprehensive home and ambulatory program for pediatric asthma management using objective outcome measures. Interventions for the study group during the first year included 3-month clinic(More)
BACKGROUND An early response to antipsychotic treatment in patients with psychosis has been associated with a better course and outcome. However, factors that predict treatment response are not well understood. The onset of schizophrenia and related disorders has been associated with increased levels of stress and hyper-activation of the(More)
317 to unpleasant stimuli than the control participants. In fact, the BPD participants had signifi cantly lower skin conductance responses and showed an absence of the fear-potentiated startle response, suggesting a general state of underarousal. On the emotion regulation task, both groups showed similar startle responses when instructed to maintain or(More)
1. Forty-nine patients who had vagotomy and 33 who had gastric resection, which constitute all of the cases since the opening of this hospital, have been reviewed and compared. 2. There have been no hospital deaths in either series with the exception of one case moribund from acute hemorrhage, who was explored only as a last resort. 3. Surprisingly enough,(More)
This paper examines the influence of economic, genetic, behavioral, and social factors on the parental choice to abuse one’s child. I derive a choice model for the parents based on McFadden’s (1974) conditional logit model. Within society, the parent or parents not only bear the responsibility for their child’s well being, but also for ensuring the child(More)
This paper investigates the effects of intermarriage on the earnings of female immigrants in the United States. The main empirical question asked is whether immigrant females married to US-born spouses have higher earnings than those of immigrant females married to other immigrants. Using 1970 and 1870 samples of IPUMS data, I estimate an earnings equation(More)
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