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What Ignites and Sustains Activism: Exploring Participatory Competence
Qualitative methods were employed to investigate processes and competencies experienced by self-described activists, who represent social welfare and civil rights causes in a single northeasternExpand
Communitarianism and youth empowerment: Motivation for participation in a community-based substance abuse prevention coalition.
In recent years, collaborative efforts between universities and community-based coalitions have helped develop prevention-intervention efforts to decrease the prevalence of drug and alcohol use amongExpand
The provider perception inventory: Psychometrics of a scale designed to measure provider stigma about HIV, substance abuse, and MSM behavior
Abstract Nongay identified men who have sex with men and women (NGI MSMW) and who use alcohol and other drugs are a vulnerable, understudied, and undertreated population. Little is known about theExpand
Social Worker Identity: A Profession in Context.
Social work is a broad field encompassing micro, mezzo, and macro areas of practice. Consequently, the field lacks a unifying professional identity due to the expansiveness of the profession.Expand
A Critical Analysis of Foster Youth Advisory Boards in the United States
BackgroundThe enactment of the John H. Chafee Foster Care Independence Act brought welcome attention to young people aging out of foster care, and sought to include them in both case planning andExpand
Assessing the Implicit Curriculum in Social Work Education: Heterogeneity of Students’ Experiences and Impact on Professional Empowerment
The implicit curriculum, which refers to a student’s learning environment, has been described as an essential feature of an integrated professional social work curriculum. Very little is known,Expand
Dream Big: Exploring Empowering Processes of DREAM Act Advocacy in a Focal State
ABSTRACT This original, qualitative research analyzed in-depth interviews with five undocumented, college-age, Latino DREAM Act advocates in a single state. An organizational empowerment frameworkExpand
Sustained Community Theater Participation as Civil Society Involvement
Community theaters proliferate in every state in the nation, yet they are rarely considered in civil society research. Participation in civil society is capable of producing individual (psychologicalExpand
Empowering Processes of a Countywide Arts Intervention for High School Youth
Arts interventions allow young people to address social problems and oppressive forces that impact their lives. Much research has explained the theory behind arts interventions; less has explored theExpand