Brad E. Paden

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Abstrucr -This paper develops a calculus for computing Filippov’s differential inclusion which simplifies the analysis of dynamical systems described by differential equations with a discontinuous right-hand side. In particular, when a slightly generalized Lyapunov theory is used, the rigorous stability analysis of variable structure systems is routine. As(More)
We prcscnt a new scheme for the adaptive control of mechanical manipulators along with proof of convcrgencc. This work is an extension of our earlier work [Craig, Hsu and Sastry] [l]. The new scheme docs not require the mcasurcmcnt of joint accelerations and needs less computation. We illustrate the theory with somc simulations.
A safety-enhanced optimal (SEO) control algorithm for turbodynamic blood pump is proposed. Analysis of in vivo animal experimental data reveals that two new control indices-the gradient of pulsatility of pump pressure head with respect to pump speed and the gradient of minimum pump flow-have their peak within a proximity to the suction point but not at the(More)
As the energy densities in permanent magnet materials increases, permanent magnet (PM) bearings are becoming increasingly attractive machine elements for applications ranging from turbo machinery to energy storage flywheels. Desirable qualities include high speed, low wear, energy savings, and freedom from lubricants that can degrade or contaminate other(More)
Motivated by the design of the HeartQuest magnetically levitated left ventricular assist device, closed form expressions have been developed to compute forces and stiffnesses of magnetic suspensions. The theory applies to any combination of concentric permanent magnet rings, and its accuracy and versatility were verified by experiments. The equations adapt(More)
[3] M. Pagano, “An algorithm for fitting autoregressive schemes,” Appl. Starist., vol. 21. pp. 274-281, 1972. [4] G. E. P. Box and G. M. Jenkins, Time Series Analysis: Forecusting and Cmtrd. San Francisco, CA: Holden-Day, 1970. [5] W. Gersch. “Estimation of the autoregressive parameters of a mixed autoregressive moving-average time series,” IEEE Trms.(More)
Accurate modeling of heat dissipation in pediatric intracorporeal devices is crucial in avoiding tissue and blood thermotrauma. Thermal models of new Maglev ventricular assist device (VAD) concepts for the PediaFlow VAD are developed by incorporating empirical heat transfer equations with thermal finite element analysis (FEA). The models assume three main(More)
Delay Impulsive Systems: A Framework For Modeling Networked Control Systems by Payam Naghshtabrizi We model Networked Control Systems (NCSs) with variable delay, sampling intervals and packet dropouts as delay impulsive systems which exhibit continuous evolutions described by ODEs and state jumps or impulses that experience delay. We develop theorems for(More)