Brad D. Gaynor

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  • K Miller, N Pakpour, +10 authors T Lietman
  • 2004
AIM Face seeking flies have long been thought to transmit Chlamydia trachomatis, the causative agent of trachoma, but this has never been proven. The four criteria proposed by Barnett, previously used to incriminate other arthropods suspected of transmitting disease, were examined. One of these criteria remains unmet: the repeated demonstration of the(More)
— FinFETs have emerged as the solution to short channel effects at the 22-nm technology node and beyond. Previously, there have been few studies on the impact of fin cross section shape on transistor leakage. We show for the first time that fin shape significantly impacts transistor leakage in bulk tri-gate nFinFETs with thin fins when the fin body doping(More)
— Bulk FinFETs have emerged as the solution to short-channel effects at the 22-nm technology node and beyond. The capability of 3-D stacking of dies from various technologies will eventually enable stacking FinFET dies within 3-D integrated circuits. Within 3-D circuits, through silicon vias (TSVs) are a known source of substrate noise in planar bulk(More)
— 3-D integrated circuits (ICs) promise to deliver faster, more compact circuitry with lower power consumption than equivalent planar ICs. However, 3-D integration introduces unique noise sources not present in planar ICs. In this paper, we identify how interconnect on a backside metal layer acts as a back gate of transistors on the adjacent tiers in 3-D(More)
few minutes spent searching Medline reveals some interesting trends: while the total number of scientific publications has exploded over the past 35 years, the number of papers incorporating the keyword " trachoma " has actually decreased (Fig 1A). The number of reviews of trachoma, however, has increased (Fig 1B). Is this a sign that the study of trachoma(More)
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