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Does hedging add value to the firm, and if so, is the source of the added value consistent with hedging theory? We investigate jet fuel hedging behavior of firms in the US airline industry during 1994-2000 to examine whether such hedging is a source of value for these companies. We illustrate that the investment climate in the airline industry conforms well(More)
Fesselin is a proline-rich actin binding protein that has recently been isolated from smooth muscle [Leinweber, B. D., Fredricksen, R. S., Hoffman, D. R., and Chalovich, J. M. (1999) J. Muscle Res. Cell Motil. 20, 539-545]. Fesselin is similar to synaptopodin [Mundel, P., Heid, H. W., Mundel, T. M., Krüger, M., Reiser, J., and Kriz, W. (1997) J. Cell Biol.(More)
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