Brad Appelhans

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Myoepithelial cells from mammary glands, the modified sweat glands of bovine muzzle, and salivary glands have been studied by electron microscopy and by immunofluorescence microscopy in frozen sections in an attempt to further characterize the type of intermediate-sized filaments present in these cells. Electron microscopy has shown that all myoepithelial(More)
The occurrence of intermediate-sized filaments containing prekeratin-like proteins ('cytokeratins') has been examined in various organs of rat and cow by electron microscopy and by immunofluorescence microscopy on frozen sections using antibodies to defined constitutive proteins of various types of intermediate-sized filaments (prekeratin, vimentin,(More)
Effective anti-metastatic therapy was achieved in a mouse tumor model by combining surgery with post-operative immunotherapy using virus-modified autologous tumor cells. No therapeutic effect was observed when using for immunotherapy the nonmodified autologous tumor ESb, which is only weakly immunogenic and highly metastatic. The viral modification was(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe adults who use Twitter during a weight loss attempt and to compare the positive and negative social influences they experience from their offline friends, online friends, and family members. MATERIALS AND METHODS Participants (N=100, 80% female, mean age=37.65, SD=8.42) were recruited from Twitter. They(More)
Two human tumor cell lines were analyzed for the production of human antileucoprotease (ALP). One of them, a human squamous lung carcinoma cell line (HS-24) synthesized, as confirmed by Western blot analysis, high amounts of ALP in serum-free medium. The supernatant inhibited elastase, chymotrypsin and trypsin. Northern blot analysis with an 18-mer(More)
OBJECTIVE Attention control (AC) conditions are used to balance nonspecific attention in randomized trials of behavioral interventions. Very little guidance about which behavioral interventions and outcomes merit AC is available in the literature. The primary aim of the present study is to demonstrate a scenario in which use of AC in a behavioral randomized(More)
Peritoneal macrophages from normal DBA/2 mice were found to bind significantly more cells of a syngeneic low metastatic lymphoma line (Eb) than cells of a high metastatic variant (ESb) derived therefrom. These differences were observed in three different assays, at 4 degrees C and at 37 degrees C, and at various ratios of macrophages to tumor cells. Upon(More)
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