Brad Alexander

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Competition in U.S. House elections has been declining for more than 50 years and, based on both incumbent reelection rates and the percentage of close races, the 2002 and 2004 House elections were the least competitive of the postwar era. This article tests three hypotheses that attempt to explain declining competition in House elections: the redistricting(More)
In this paper we outline our results for validating the precision of the internal power meters of smart-phones under different workloads. We compare its results with an external power meter. This is the first step towards creating customized energy models on the fly and towards optimizing battery efficiency using genetic program improvements. Our(More)
Time-to-market is a critical factor in the commercial success of new consumer devices. To minimise delays, system developers and third party software vendors must be able to test their applications before the hardware platform becomes available. Instruction Set Simulators (ISS’s) underpin this early development by emulating new platforms on ordinary desktop(More)
With power demands of mobile devices rising, it is becoming increasingly important to make mobile software applications more energy efficient. Unfortunately, mobile platforms are diverse and very complex which makes energy behaviours difficult to model. This complexity presents challenges to the effectiveness of off-line optimisation of mobile applications.(More)
Transformation is crucial to any program improvement process. Highly transformable notations pave the way for the application of deep and pervasive program improvement techniques. Functional programming languages are more amenable to transformation than their more traditional imperative counterparts. Moreover, functional programs specify only true(More)