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Incumbency, Redistricting, and the Decline of Competition in U.S. House Elections
Competition in U.S. House elections has been declining for more than 50 years and, based on both incumbent reelection rates and the percentage of close races, the 2002 and 2004 House elections wereExpand
Don't Blame Redistricting for Uncompetitive Elections
“Here is a telling statistic. One hundred fifty-three of California's congressional and legislative seats were up in the last election, and not one, I repeat, not one, changed parties. What kind ofExpand
Drawing the Line on District Competition: A Rejoinder
In “Drawing the Line on District Competition,” Michael McDonald (2006) challenges our conclusion that redistricting is not responsible for declining competition in House elections. McDonald claimsExpand
Good Money and Bad Money: Do Funding Sources Affect Electoral Outcomes?
There is lively public debate about the normative impact of different kinds of money in elections. However, there is surprisingly little examination of the practical impact that funding sources haveExpand
Canadian-American Relations
T tHE relations of Canada with the United States are hardly external in the strict sense of the term: every phase of Canadian life, every day of the year, is profoundly affected by her neighbourhoodExpand