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Recommender Systems Handbook
Some people may be laughing when looking at you reading in your spare time. Some may be admired of you. And some may want be like you who have reading hobby. What about your own feel? Have you feltExpand
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Introduction to Recommender Systems Handbook
Recommender Systems (RSs) are software tools and techniques providing suggestions for items to be of use to a user. In this introductory chapter we briefly discuss basic RS ideas and concepts. OurExpand
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Information Filtering: Overview of Issues, Research and Systems
An abundant amount of information is created and delivered over electronic media. Users risk becoming overwhelmed by the flow of information, and they lack adequate tools to help them manage theExpand
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Recommender Systems: Introduction and Challenges
Recommender Systems (RSs) are software tools and techniques that provide suggestions for items that are most likely of interest to a particular user. In this introductory chapter, we briefly discussExpand
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A Theory-Driven Design Framework for Social Recommender Systems
Social recommender systems utilize data regarding users’ social relationships in filtering relevant information to users. To date, results show that incorporating social relationship data – beyondExpand
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Facebook single and cross domain data for recommendation systems
The emergence of social networks and the vast amount of data that they contain about their users make them a valuable source for personal information about users for recommender systems. In thisExpand
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RecSys Challenge 2015 and the YOOCHOOSE Dataset
The 2015 ACM Recommender Systems Challenge offered the opportunity to work on a large-scale e-commerce dataset from a big retailer in Europe which is accepting recommender system as a service fromExpand
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Survey on Collaborative Filtering, Content-based Filtering and Hybrid Recommendation System
Recommender systems or recommendation systems are a subset of information filtering system that used to anticipate the 'evaluation' or 'preference' that user would feed to anExpand
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Information filtering: overview of issues
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Efficient Multidimensional Suppression for K-Anonymity
Many applications that employ data mining techniques involve mining data that include private and sensitive information about the subjects. One way to enable effective data mining while preservingExpand
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