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During the past decade, the plant disease called scab or Fusarium head blight of wheat and barley has reached epidemic proportions in North America and elsewhere in the world. Scab is an economically devastating plant disease, not only because it causes significant reduction in seed yields and quality, but also because infested seeds are often contaminated(More)
A rapid and reliable method to determine deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat, barley, and malt is described. Samples are extracted with acetonitrile-water (84 + 16). Extracts are eluted through a C18-alumina (1 + 3) column, evaporated to dryness, and derivatized with trimethylsilylimidazole-trimethylchlorosilane (100 + 1). DON is identified and quantitated by(More)
The results of uncontrolled studies, in which the period of the delirium tremens was reduced and the intensity was lowered significantly by aprotininum, could not be verified in our double-blind study. Continuing a preliminary double-blind study another group of 20 male patients was examined again to evaluate the effectiveness of aprotininum given in a(More)
Ten chronic schizophrenics were tested by clinical observations, psychological tests (FPI, LEV, d 2) and ratings with the Wittenborn-Psychiatric-Ratings-Scales (WPRS) before and after taking 2-pyrrolidon-acetamid. The improvement of obstructive, apathy, withdrawal and affective flatness in seven patients justify a double-blind psychometric evaluation(More)
  • Br. Tacke
  • Archiv für die gesamte Physiologie des Menschen…
  • 2005
DieEigenschaft einer alkalischen Pyrogallussi~urel~isung, Sauerstoff zu absorbiren, war sehon Chevreul bekannt und diente ihm zur Analyse sauerstoffhaltiger Gase (1820). Altgemeine Anwendung land das Verfahren jedoeh erst, naehdem Liebig (1851) das pyrogallussaure Kalium zur schnellen Bestimmung des Sauerstoffs der atmosphi~risehen Luft benutzte. Der erste,(More)
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