Brígida Mónica Faria

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This article focuses on evaluating the usability of an intelligent wheelchair (IW) in both real and simulated environments. The wheelchair is controlled at a high-level by a flexible multimodal interface, using voice commands, facial expressions, head movements and joystick as its main inputs. A quasi-experimental design was applied including a(More)
Intelligent Wheelchair (IW) is a new concept aiming to allow higher autonomy to people with lower mobility such as disabled or elderly individuals. Some of the more recent IWs have a multimodal interface, enabling multiple command modes such as joystick, voice commands, head movements, or even facial expressions. In these IW it may be very useful to provide(More)
In recent years Serious Games have evolved substantially, solving problems in diverse areas. In particular, in Cognitive Rehabilitation, Serious Games assume a relevant role. Traditional cognitive therapies are often considered repetitive and discouraging for patients and Serious Games can be used to create more dynamic rehabilitation processes, holding(More)