Bozo Vojniković

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Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) is a condition related to patients with visual loss due to age related macular degeneration or glaucoma that are having complex visual hallucinations. The CBS was first described by Swiss physician Charles Bonnet in 1760. Affected patients, who are otherwise mentally healthy people with significant visual loss, have vivid,(More)
Depending on the geographic and climatic region and vegetation, allergenic plants are characteristic for certain areas and the pollen concentrations of various plant species depend on the fenophase of each single species and most of all on the climatic and meteorological conditions of a certain area. It is precisely because of these specific characteristics(More)
Although contact dermatitis (CD) from eyeglass frames is uncommon, occasionally it may be encountered. Various substances may cause allergic CD, including metals, cosmetics, plastics, rubber, solvents, antioxidants, dyes, and waxes, some of which can be found in the average eyeglass frame. Recently, it has been determined that plasticizers, UV stabilizers(More)
It is well known that age-related macular degeneration (AMD), besides glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, represents a major cause of low vision and blindness throughout the world. In this study, specific causal factors of AMD are analyzed, emphasizing the causal role and effects of sunlight, no matter which part of its spectrum, in a longer exposition(More)
According to early examination (Vojniković, 1978) estimated, that the index of refraction for aqueous and vitreous is not the sum (1.33 or 1.66), than is for aqueous n = 1.334, and for vitreous N = 1.336. This measurements are made with Abbe's refractometer, by temperature of 33 degrees C for aqueous, and 36 degrees C for vitreous, as it's in human eye. In(More)
Three institutions: Teaching Institute of Public Health of Primorsko-Goranska County, Croatian Association "Albert Einstein" and Eye Clinic "Dr B.Vojnikovid" Rijeka agreed a five-year project to study children's health status of vision at Primorsko-Goranska County. Main task was the study of damage of vision in children due to prolonged sun exposure.(More)
In 25 eyes, age range 60-80 years, in purpose of preoperative treatment prior to cataract surgery, measurements of the radius of curvature as well as main meridians of the anterior and posterior corneal surfaces were performed. Average value of the curvature of the anterior corneal surface (R1) was R1 = 7.84 mm, while posterior radius (R2) was 6.4 mm. Main(More)
The terminology of the optic nerve had already been changed three times, since 1895 until 1955 when the term "nervus opticus" was introduced in the "Terminologia Anatomica". Following our study we claim that, from the aspect of phylogenetic evolution of binocular vision development as well as optical embryogenesis where opticus is evidently presented as a(More)
Monovision is a method, most frequently used, in correction of presbyopia, especially by begining presbyops. These persons want to see well at distance and also for near without the usual changes of eyeglasses correction. Sometimes this method is also applied by myopia and psedophakic eyes (pseudophakic monovision). In myopia and hyperopia the dominant eye(More)
The feature of Horopter was studied allready since the arabic and persian school, where Aguilonius defined it in 1613 for the first time. From those times til now, horopter was investigated as a geometrical feature, but also as a physiological feature of single vision. In general, there is the geometrical or theoretical horopter (Vieth, G. 1818, Muller, J.(More)