Bozidar Potocnik

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Monitoring the follicles in women's ovaries is especially important in human reproduction. Today, the monitoring of follicles is done with human interaction. Such monitoring can be very demanding and inaccurate, and in most cases signifies additional burdens for the experts. In this paper, a new algorithm for automated computer-assisted detection of(More)
Observing changes in females’ ovaries is essential in obstetrics and gynaecological imaging, e.g., genetic engineering and human reproduction. It is particularly important to monitor the dynamics of ovarian follicles’ growth, as only fully mature and grown follicles, i.e., the dominant follicles have a potential to ovulate at the end of a follicular phase.(More)
A new algorithm is presented for ovarian follicle recognition from a sequence of ultrasound images. The basic version of the prediction-based algorithm is upgraded by means of two improvements. The negative influence brought by the gross measurement errors is suppressed, and the locality of the treated process is considered. The basis for both improvements(More)
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a novel image enhancement technique by using directional wavelet transform. Directional wavelet transform decomposes an image into four-dimensional space which augments the image by the scale and directional information. We show the directional information significantly improves image enhancement in noisy images in(More)