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Intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) are able to provide a personalized approach to learning by assuming the role of a real teacher/expert who adapts and steers the learning process according to the specific needs of each learner. This is done by taking into account a number of learner features and deciding on the best action to follow at any point in the(More)
Since the creation of Web-based learning systems researchers have tried to make them adaptive to various characteristics of learners in order to increase the quality of learning. The application of data mining (DM) methods on learning system logs is often used as a basis of intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) that have the ability for automatic adaptation of(More)
Information technology has crucial importance in e-commerce. E-commerce includes many fields of information technology and their practical usage. The users of e-commerce need to receive a thorough and up-to-date education about the new technological solutions in order to maximize the usage of new technologies and services developed using these technologies.(More)
The influence of social networks, Facebook especially, and on student population are often subject to various investigations. The analysis of the interdependence between the values that determine trends in the use of social networks in the student population is possible to determine the impact of social networks on students' evaluation and results. The(More)
Computer-based language learning involves employing computer technology for the purpose of learning natural languages. In such educational setups, instructional software becomes a tutor responsible for the construction of learners' linguistic knowledge and development of their language competences and skills. This is possible if the software has the ability(More)
In the daily use of computer applications, large quantities of data are being written and read. Central Processing Unit, Random Access Memory and computer Hard Disk Drive are involved in that process. In 2008 / 2009 the massive commercial use of hard drives based on Solid State technology began, which are now rapidly replacing mechanical hard drives, made(More)
Legal entities information systems for tracking tax changes belong to the group of business office information systems, which provide answers to the user requirements on the monitoring of tax changes. By its structure, such information system represents only one segment of the overall legal entities information system, but despite this it has a central role(More)