Bozhena Bidyuk

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This paper describes a general framework called Hybrid Dynamic Mixed Networks (HDMNs) which are Hybrid Dynamic Bayesian Networks that allow representation of discrete deterministic information in the form of constraints. We propose approximate inference algorithms that integrate and adjust well known algorithmic principles such as Generalized Belief(More)
This paper extends previously proposed bound propagation algorithm [11] for computing lower and upper bounds on posterior marginals in Bayesian networks. We improve the bound propagation scheme by taking advantage of the directionality in Bayesian networks and applying the notion of relevant subnetwork. We also propose an approximation scheme for the linear(More)
The complexity of a reasoning task over a graph-ical model is tied to the induced width of the underlying graph. It is well-known that the conditioning (assigning values) on a subset of variables yields a subproblem of the reduced complexity where instantiated variables are removed. If the assigned variables constitute a cycle-cutset, the rest of the(More)
The paper presents a scheme for computing lower and upper bounds on the posterior marginals in Bayesian networks with discrete variables. Its power lies in its ability to use any available scheme that bounds the probability of evidence or posterior marginals and enhance its performance in an anytime manner. The scheme uses the cutset conditioning principle(More)
Computing the probability of evidence even with known error bounds is NP-hard. In this paper we address this hard problem by settling on an easier problem. We propose an approximation which provides high confidence lower bounds on probability of evidence but does not have any guarantees in terms of relative or absolute error. Our proposed approximation is a(More)
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