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A Branch-Estimation-Based State Estimation Method for Radial Distribution Systems
This paper presents a new branch-based state-estimation method that is an estimation technique for radial distribution systems that can handle most kinds of real-time measurements. In contrast to theExpand
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Multicentre evaluation of perioperative red blood cells transfusions in China.
Multicentre evaluation of perioperative red blood cells transfusions in China Editor—China is facing a blood shortage. Approximately 60% of blood products are being transfused during clinicalExpand
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Analysis and Improvement of Potential Distribution of 1000-kV Ultra-High-Voltage Metal–Oxide Arrester
This paper presents the study on the potential distribution of the ac 1000-kV ultra-high voltage metal-oxide arrester (MOA). Based on the idea of field-circuit combination, the 3-D finite-elementExpand
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An interpolation model to accelerate the frequency-domain response calculation of grounding systems using the method of moments
The transient characteristics of grounding systems are essential for their designs and related electromagnetic-compatibility problems in power systems. Although the method of moments (MoM) is aExpand
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High-Efficient Evaluation of the Lightning Electromagnetic Radiation Over a Horizontally Multilayered Conducting Ground With a New Complex Integration Path
An efficient approach to evaluate the radiated electromagnetic field of a lightning channel over a horizontally stratified conducting ground is proposed in this paper. The electromagnetic fieldExpand
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Semianalytical Approach to the Inverse Fourier Transform and Its Application in Evaluating Lightning Horizontal Electric Field
A semianalytical inverse Fourier transform, which can evaluate the time response at arbitrary time, is proposed. The basic idea is fitting the response in frequency domain by a sum of piecewise cubicExpand
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Creating multivariable response surfaces by the two-stage adaptive sampling techniques and its application in the optimization of grounding grids
A fast and efficient adaptive sampling algorithm to obtain the response surface of multivariable objective function is presented. Expand
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Efficient Evaluation of Earth Return Impedances of Arbitrary Conductor Arrangements With a Horizontally Multilayered Soil
The evaluation of the earth return mutual impedance of arbitrary conductor arrangements with a horizontally multilayered nonmagnetic soil is of great significance when the electromagneticExpand
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Wideband bandpass filter with wide stopband based on stub-loaded resonator
In this letter, a wideband bandpass filter (BPF) with wide stopband is designed based on a novel stub-loaded resonator (SLR). The SLR features its harmonic shifting characteristic which can improveExpand
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[Association between interleukin-28B polymorphisms and antiviral effect in children with chronic hepatitis C].