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Genesis of novel gene regulatory modules is largely responsible for morphological and functional evolution. De novo generation of novel cis-regulatory elements (CREs) is much rarer than genomic events that alter existing CREs such as transposition, promoter switching or co-option. Only one case of de novo generation has been reported to date, in fish and(More)
In recent years, the personal computer manufacturing company Lenovo has utilized unique competitive strategies to achieve a rapidly increasing share of the computer and notebook market. After acquiring the IBM brand name and laptop division, Lenovo soon became a major player in the corporate market, inheriting along with IBM's notebook division technology(More)
Bone mass loss caused by microgravity is considered as one of the worst influences to human body during long-term spaceflight. As one of the countermeasures to retain bone mass, muscle electrical stimulation is just started in spaceflight application and needs further research. This work is aimed to investigate the effects of muscle electrical stimulation(More)
Cis-regulatory hypothesis is one of the most important theories in evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo), which claims that evolution of cis-regulatory elements (CREs) plays a key role during evolution of morphology. However, an increasing number of experimental results show that cis-regulatory hypothesis alone is not far enough to explain the(More)
To meet the demand of more intelligent automation services on smartphone, more and more applications are developed based on users' emotion and personality. It has been a consensus that a relationship exists between personal emotions and usage pattern of smartphone. Most of existing work studies this relationship by learning manually labeled samples(More)
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