Boyuan Jin

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Microring-based photonic fractional differentiators play an important role in the on-chip all-optical signal processing. Unfortunately, the previous works do not consider the time-reversal and the time delay characteristics of the microring-based fractional differentiator. They also do not include the effect of input pulse width on the output. In(More)
A novel photonic fractional-order temporal differentiator is proposed based on the inverse Raman scattering (IRS) in the side-coupled silicon microring resonator. By controlling the power of the pump light-wave, the intracavity loss is adjusted and the coupling state of the microring resonator can be changed, so the continuously tunable differentiation(More)
An efficient and broadband parametric wavelength converter is proposed in the silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguide without dispersion engineering. The vertical grating is utilized to achieve the quasi-phase-matching (QPM) of four-wave mixing (FWM). By alternating the phase-mismatch between two values with opposite signs, the parametric attenuation is(More)
Plasmonic metasurfaces provide an effective way to increase the efficiency of several nonlinear processes while maintaining nanoscale dimensions. In this work, nonlinear metasurfaces based on film-coupled silver nanostripes loaded with Kerr nonlinear material are proposed to achieve efficient four-wave mixing (FWM). Highly localized plasmon resonances are(More)
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