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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of ischemic postconditioning on protein aggregation caused by transient ischemia and reperfusion and to clarify its underlying mechanism. METHODS Two-vessel-occluded transient global ischemia rat model was used. The rats in ischemic postconditioning group were subjected to three cycles of 30-s/30-s reperfusion/clamping(More)
  • Sophie Zaaijer, Maya Anand, Anubha Bhargava, Anne Bozack, Michael Curry, Alexander Kalicki +16 others
  • 2016
The advent of mobile DNA sequencers has made it possible to generate DNA sequencing data outside of laboratories and genome centers. Here, we report our experience of using the MinION, a mobile sequencer, in a 13-week academic course for undergraduate and graduate students. The course consisted of theoretical sessions that presented fundamental topics in(More)
—The desire to understand mobile applications has resulted in researchers adapting classical static analysis techniques to the mobile domain. Examination of data and control flows in Android apps is now a common practice to classify them. Important to these analyses is a fine-grained examination and understanding of strings, since in Android they are(More)