Boyoung Rhee

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NGN is a communication network which can make use of multiple broadband and QoS-enabled transport technologies. One of the main service issues over NGN is a multimedia service, like IPTV and VOD, which is using multicast technology. And overlay multicast technology is one of the promising solutions instead of general multicast technology which has a few(More)
Mobile IPv6 has several defects such as overloading of nodes, loss of wireless signals, packet loss, movement problem and so forth. In this paper, we proposed a scheme to deal with F-HMIPv6 (Fast-Hierarchical Mobile IPv6) handover packet loss. With our scheme, we use the Multi-Session technology which connects among NAR, PAR and MAP to reduce the data(More)
Next Generation Network (NGN) is a broadband network that guarantees the quality of data transfers, independent of the lower transfer media, as real-time broadcasting services that are featured as a key service of the NGN require the multicast technique. Nevertheless, the existing IP multicast contains many limitations of application. Overlay multicast IP,(More)
In the aspect of the BcN, there needs to be a new method to measure performances. The ways to find it for the interworking relationship between quality measurement of BcN converge services and different measuring tool of businesses that requires service quality management and various service quality at the ends of a heterogeneous network environment. This(More)
A sensor uses nearby sensors to collect information and sends the information to sinks. Then, the sink forwards this collected information to users. However, if the purpose of these sensors is not to collect general data but to sense the movement of movement objects, it is difficult to sense fast moving objects with a clustering technique, which is used to(More)
For a long time multicast security researches have been going on. In multicast security the group key must be changed whenever users join or leave. We called it 'rekeying'. There are so far two main schemes of rekeying. One is individual rekeying and the other is periodic rekeying. However the two schemes have so serious weakness in some environment that(More)
The QoE improvement provides improvement in the speed of internet service. If we can reduce one second of the delay of internet service, there will be a big improvement for the QoE. There is the same situation with IPTV service. Reducing zapping time is the linchpin in the QoE of the IPTV service. The main reason of the zapping time occurrence is the(More)
In the present paper, we designed a specific router which provides the required level of QoS over NGN(Next Generation Network) by controlling data flows. We called this router QoS-Adaptive router, which consists of two parts, a legacy routing part and a QoS guarantee routing part. In order to provide differentiated services, QoS-Adaptive router enables data(More)
We designed a specific router which can provide the required level of QoS over NGN (Next Generation Network) in this paper. We called this router 'QoS-Aware router', which consists of two parts, a class-based routing part and a flow-based routing part. QoS-Aware router enables data taking broad bandwidth or requiring high-level QoS to be processed(More)
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