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— Two CPW-fed compact elliptical monopole UWB antennas are introduced with band rejection characteristic at the band used for wireless LAN applications. The antennas are fabricated on ultra thin (100 µm) liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and the band notch is caused by the presence of a resonating slot within the elliptical radiator. The two investigated(More)
—A single-feed circular microstrip antenna with recon-figurable polarization capability is proposed. This antenna has a simple structure, which consists of a radiating circular patch, five switches (PIN diode), three matching stubs, and a 50 microstrip feed line. It can be switched between 4 different states: two states (low-frequency and high-frequency)(More)
A curvature CPW-fed ultra-wideband monopole antenna on LCP substrate is proposed. The proposed antenna has good performance over the entire UWB frequency range (3.1 – 10.6 GHz), which enhanced the impedance bandwidth by adding four notches on rectangular patch. It can be easily mounted in conformal shapes (e.g. cylindrical), because LCP substrate have many(More)
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