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Accumulating evidence supports the existence of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in human tumors, and the successful certification of CSCs may lead to the identification of therapeutic targets, which are more effective for the treatment of cancer. The use of spherical cancer models has increased in popularity in cancer stem cell investigations. Tumorospheres, which(More)
OBJECTIVE To clone the xylitol dehydrogenase gene from Gluconobacter oxydans CGMCC 1.637, to characterize enigmatic properties of xylitol dehydrogenase and to investigate the induction abilities of various carbon sources on the oxidative activity of xylitol dehydrogenase and the effect of various carbon sources on the bioconversion of d-xylulose to xylitol(More)
This paper proposes an image dehazing model built with a convolutional neural network (CNN), called All-in-One Dehazing Network (AOD-Net). It is designed based on a reformulated atmospheric scattering model. Instead of estimating the transmission matrix and the atmospheric light separately as most previous models did, AOD-Net directly generates the clean(More)
The iSCHANNEL is five years old and continues to develop and gain in strength. From what started as a small project by a few MSc students is now increasingly seen by all LSE students of Information Systems as their journal. This is demonstrated by the increasing involvement of both MSc and PhD students in all aspects of the journals production. It is hoped(More)
Data visualization plays a significant role in investment activities, since it directly provides the decision-relevant information to investors. The traditional Stock Chart provides limited information to investors as it only displays the price changes of the stock over a period of time. More information could be incorporated in the plot such as the return(More)
The recent development of CNN-based image dehazing has revealed the effectiveness of end-to-end modeling. However, extending the idea to end-to-end video dehazing has not been explored yet. In this paper, we propose an End-to-End Video Dehazing Network (EVD-Net), to exploit the temporal consistency between consecutive video frames. A thorough study has been(More)
A model illustrating the gas-liquid two-phase flows (GLTFs) of slug raw-milk in micro tubes was built, and an infrared-curtain-based sensor was designed for non-contact recognition of raw milk in GLTFs. An infrared curtain signal acquisition site was set at both upstream and downstream for analysis of time domain, frequency spectrum and cross-correlation.(More)
Implantable devices for long-lasting controlled insulin microinjection are of great value to diabetic patients. To address this need, we develop a flexible electroactive pump based on a biocompatible polypyrrole composite film that comprises a polypyrrole matrix and a macromolecular dopant of(More)