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Nonnegative matrix factorization proved useful in many applications, including collaborative filtering – from existing ratings data one would like to predict new product ratings by users. However, factorizing a user-product score matrix is computation and memory intensive. We propose Maxios, a novel approach to fill missing values for large scale and highly(More)
Pien Tze Huang (PZH) is a well-known traditional Chinese formulation and has long been used as an alternative remedy for cancers in China and Southeast Asia. Recently, antitumor activity of PZH on several tumors have been increasingly reported, but its antitumor activity and the possible action mechanism on osteosarcoma remains unclear. After treatment with(More)
To obtain a reliable, efficient and economical air-breathing hypersonic vehicle (AHSV) design, one must take closed-loop performance into consideration at the beginning of design process. Especially AHSVs possess the unstable and non-minimum phase behavior. The coupling characteristics between the unstable plant and closed-loop system are discussed. The(More)
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