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Nonnegative matrix factorization proved useful in many applications, including collaborative filtering – from existing ratings data one would like to predict new product ratings by users. However, factorizing a user-product score matrix is computation and memory intensive. We propose Maxios, a novel approach to fill missing values for large scale and highly(More)
A guardian maps based trajectory tracking control law is proposed for accelerating air-breathing hypersonic vehicles (AHSVs), with scramjet operation limitations taking into accout. At first, a scramjet model with a desired level of accuracy is introduced, being amenable to operation limitation analysis. Then maximum accelerations are calculated across the(More)
To obtain a reliable, efficient and economical air-breathing hypersonic vehicle (AHSV) design, one must take closed-loop performance into consideration at the beginning of design process. Especially AHSVs possess the unstable and non-minimum phase behavior. The coupling characteristics between the unstable plant and closed-loop system are discussed. The(More)
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