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This paper presents a real-time defect detection algorithm for high-speed steel bar in coil. Because the target speed is very high, proposed algorithm should process quickly the large volumes of image for real-time processing. Therefore, defect detection algorithm should satisfy two conflicting requirements of reducing the processing time and improving the(More)
This paper deals with a defects detection algorithm for billet surface. To get good performance, detection algorithm has to solve several difficult problems such as shape of a billet, many kinds of defects, much scale. Especially, the scale, that is a metallic oxide on steel surface, makes worse severely the performance of detection. To solve above(More)
As the price of ceramic tiles depend on its limpidness and precision of surface texture, color and shape, it's in fact a great challenge to control surface eminence and uphold production rate in the field of industrial fabrication of ceramic tiles. Under consideration these criteria, in this research paper, we have proposed an enhanced automatic(More)
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