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This paper illustrates a Multi-Agent system architecture for end-user level Grid monitoring using Geographical Information Systems (MAGGIS). The purpose of this research is to investigate MAGGIS architecture and implementation issues, and to verify the following two hypotheses: 1.) multi-agent systems provide an effective and scalable architecture to(More)
Resource discovery technologies for grids and peer-to-peer (P2P) systems share some characteristics. However, some P2P systems such as skip graph cannot simply be applied to grid resource discovery because complex grid resources need to be searched by using multi-attribute queries. This paper proposes a new multi-attribute P2P resource discovery approach(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study of using MCMS-powered P2P technology to conduct parallel integrations which has been widely used in applied mathematics, sciences and engineering. In this study, we designed a system which allow migrate numerical integrations in a P2P/Grid based environment. The system's client responses for a job scheduling, domain(More)
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