Boyang Chen

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Software defect prediction strives to improve software security by helping testers locate the software defects accurately. The data redundancy caused by the overmuch attributes in defects data set will make the prediction accuracy decrease. A model based on locally linear embedding and support vector machine (LLE-SVM) is proposed to solve this problem in(More)
Vibro-acoustic modulation (VAM) is a form of a non-destructive testing technique used in nonlinear acoustic methods for the detection of defects. It comprises of exciting the structure with a dual frequency sinusoidal signal and studying the interaction of this wave with the underlying defect. In this work a theoretical study on the mechanics of VAM is(More)
Conventional centroid location algorithms are all in two dimensions. In order to solve the problem that the conventional centroid location algorithms are useless when the point spread function is smaller than the size of the detector, the research is about the centroid location algorithm in three dimensions based on big data. By using the time parameter to(More)
For geostationary meteorological satellite (GSMS) remote sensing image registration, high computational cost and matching error are the two main challenging problems. To address these issues, this paper proposes a novel algorithm named slope-restricted multi-scale feature matching. In multi-scale feature matching, images are subsampled to different scales.(More)
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