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This paper aims at exploring the potential of visible and near infrared (vis-NIR) spectroscopy for on-line measurement of soil pH, with the intention to produce variable rate lime recommendation maps. An on-line vis-NIR soil sensor set up to a frame was used in this study. Lime application maps, based on pH predicted by vis-NIR techniques, were compared(More)
Fast classification of soil with different texture is essential for site-specific application of different inputs into farmland. Total 203 soil samples with five textures were collected from Silsoe Experimental Farm, Cranfield University, England. Using a Vis/NIR spectrophotometer (Tech5, Germany), spectra of soil samples were recorded for the study.(More)
Agro-meteorological parameters monitoring plays an important role in orchard management. For a project named ‘Digital Orchard’ funded by local provincial government of China, a wireless sensor network was designed and developed with the aim of remote real-time monitoring and collecting of soil and atmospheric data. The system utilizes a(More)
The widespread application of precision agriculture has triggered the expansion of tools for data collection and geo referencing of productivity, soil and crop properties. The correct data fusion of soil and crop parameters is a complex problem due to the abundance of inter-correlated parameters which necessitates the use of computational intelligence(More)
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