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CORD-19: The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset
The mechanics of dataset construction are described, highlighting challenges and key design decisions, an overview of how CORD-19 has been used, and several shared tasks built around the dataset are described. Expand
miRCancer: a microRNA-cancer association database constructed by text mining on literature
This work proposes to extract microRNA-cancer associations by text mining and store them in a database called miRCancer, which documents 878 relationships between 236 microRNAs and 79 human cancers through the processing of >26 000 published articles. Expand
Text Mining on Big and Complex Biomedical Literature
This chapter explores in-depth the microRNA profiling area and related text mining tools in biomedical text mining and one rule-based text mining system developed by the authors is discussed in detail. Expand
Mitigating Biases in CORD-19 for Analyzing COVID-19 Literature
The results suggest that while CORD-19 exhibits a strong tilt toward recent and topically focused articles, the knowledge being explored to attack the pandemic encompasses a much longer time span and is very interdisciplinary. Expand
Is preprint the future of science? A thirty year journey of online preprint services
This work overviews how preprint has been evolving and impacting the research community over the past thirty years alongside the growth of the Web and quantifies the benefits that preprints bring to authors and the positive impact of preprints on individual researchers and the community. Expand
miRCancer : a microRNA-Cancer Association Database and Toolkit Based on Text Mining
This research designed and implemented a framework called miRCancer, which is the first comprehensive database for miRNA expression profiles in human cancers based on experimental results, and includes an integrated microRNA sequence analysis toolkit to help researchers discover possible relationships and functionalities of miRNAs. Expand