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In order to meet the need of an efficient, convenient and charge without stopping on superhighway port, design a high-frequency Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader writer based on MSC1211 according to the requirements of the existing RFID standards. Then using Personal Computer (PC) and network make up auto-charging system on superhighway. Give the(More)
This paper proposes a method of monitoring and analyzing interharmonics in power system based on wavelet transform and AR model. First, utilizes wavelet denoising method of sqtwolog soft threshold to eliminate the high-frequency noise of sampled signals containing interharmonics signal. Then, the parameters of interharmonics are identified by using the Burg(More)
A revs curve programmable servo control system on servo motor has been developed in order to look for optimum control parameters of a single crystal growth. The main parts of the system are Micro Controller Unit (MCU), AC servomotor, Digital Analog Converter (DAC) and so on. By means of a new arithmetic, a crucible rotary speed realized linear change in a(More)
A three-phase six-switch pulse width modulation (PWM) rectifier based on one cycle control is researched. The control laws of three-phase six-switch PWM rectifier are deduced. A new PFC controller based on one cycle control technology is designed. Its control logic is very simple and the multipliers and input voltage sensors are not needed. Its control(More)
The measurement system of diameters of ultra fine particles was developed with virtual instrument. Instead of the much expensive correlator, the photon counting technology was applied: H6240-01, the photon multiplier tube (PMT), was used as a detector; and M8784, the high speed photon counter, was used to count the pulses signals of PMT output, the(More)
A computer system has been developed to detect Bridgman single crystal growth parameters. The main hardware is a Personal Computer. Software is Kingview6.53. Detected parameters are the temperature gradient within a furnace chamber, the crucible rotation speed, the crucible pull-down rate, the Solid-liquid interface temperature and so on. Depend on the(More)
This article analyzes the Holographic interferometry stripe location of different light illuminations such as collimation light illuminations, spherical light illumination etc, and educes stripe location relationship of collimation light illuminations, spherical light illumination. Utilize the low-pass filtering technology on real plane to process the noise(More)
In this paper, we discuss the Hermitian positive definite solutions of the nonlinear matrix equation X + A* X<sup>&#x2212;</sup> A = I. we give some necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a Hermitian positive definite solution of equation(1.1). Based on them, we also present some properties of the coefficient matrix A are presented and two(More)
In this paper, the Hermitian positive definite solutions of the nonlinear matrix equation X + A*X -1A = I are studied. Suppose X is a positive definite solution of this equation, we discuss the relation between X and A by the eigenvalue and eigenvector of X and A respectively, and the property of numerical range of A . An iterative method for obtaining the(More)