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— — — —Corn Corn Corn Corn moisture moisture moisture moisture content content content content is is is is the the the the main main main main factor factor factor factor of of of of effecting effecting effecting effecting corn corn corn corn safe safe safe safe transportation transportation transportation transportation and and and and storage, storage,(More)
In order to meet the need of an efficient, convenient and charge without stopping on superhighway port, design a high-frequency Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) reader writer based on MSC1211 according to the requirements of the existing RFID standards. Then using Personal Computer (PC) and network make up auto-charging system on superhighway. Give the(More)
—Considering educational theory of interactive teaching as guidance, making use of the advantages of LAN and the Internet, and utilizing many kinds of software – all these features contribute to the design and development of the interactive multimedia technology learning platform. This platform focuses on the teaching courseware of multimedia technology and(More)
This paper proposes a method of monitoring and analyzing interharmonics in power system based on wavelet transform and AR model. First, utilizes wavelet denoising method of sqtwolog soft threshold to eliminate the high-frequency noise of sampled signals containing interharmonics signal. Then, the parameters of interharmonics are identified by using the Burg(More)
This The article proposes a new approach of measuring the object's relative displacement vector on the earth's surface and develops measuring circuit and data processing circuit. We use three magnetic sensors which are mutually vertical and dedicated chip PNI11096 to measure. The three magnetic sensors all have their respective magentic circuit and(More)
Premature convergence is the main obstacle to the application of genetic algorithm. This paper makes improvement on traditional genetic algorithm by linear scale transformation of fitness function, using self-adaptive crossover and mutation probability and adopting close relative breeding avoidance method. Simulation results show that the improved algorithm(More)
A computer system has been developed to detect Bridgman single crystal growth parameters. The main hardware is a Personal Computer. Software is Kingview6.53. Detected parameters are the temperature gradient within a furnace chamber, the crucible rotation speed, the crucible pull-down rate, the Solid-liquid interface temperature and so on. Depend on the(More)
It is a research trend to incorporate neural network with genetic algorithm for solving technical and practical problems. As a single genetic algorithm has slow convergent speed and it is easily falling into local optimum, this paper presents a genetic and simulated annealing hybrid algorithm, which searches the neighborhood using chaos variables. And this(More)
—In order to realize auto focus during CD-SEM imaging process, the structure of image and scanning model is explained. The principle and the performance of image sharpness evaluation function, such as pixel gray variance function, gradient function, gray entropy function and SMD function, are analyzed in this paper. The experiment shows that all listed(More)
A revs curve programmable servo control system on servo motor has been developed in order to look for optimum control parameters of a single crystal growth. The main parts of the system are Micro Controller Unit (MCU), AC servomotor, Digital Analog Converter (DAC) and so on. By means of a new arithmetic, a crucible rotary speed realized linear change in a(More)