Boxuan Shen

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DNA origami nanostructures have tremendous potential to serve as versatile platforms in self-assembly -based nanofabrication and in highly parallel nanoscale patterning. However, uniform deposition and reliable anchoring of DNA nanostructures often requires specific conditions, such as pre-treatment of the chosen substrate or a fine-tuned salt concentration(More)
The DNA origami technique provides an intriguing possibility to develop customized nanostructures for various bionanotechnological purposes. One target is to create tailored bottom-up-based plasmonic devices and metamaterials based on DNA metallization or controlled attachment of nanoparticles to the DNA designs. In this article, we demonstrate an(More)
DNA origami is a widely used method for fabrication of custom-shaped nanostructures. However, to utilize such structures, one needs to controllably position them on nanoscale. Here we demonstrate how different types of 3D scaffolded multilayer origamis can be accurately anchored to lithographically fabricated nanoelectrodes on a silicon dioxide substrate by(More)
DNA based structures offer an adaptable and robust way to develop customized nanostructures for various purposes in bionanotechnology. One main aim in this field is to develop a DNA nanobreadboard for a controllable attachment of nanoparticles or biomolecules to form specific nanoelectronic devices. Here we conjugate three gold nanoparticles on a defined(More)
Metallic nanostructures have inspired extensive research over several decades, particularly within the field of nanoelectronics and increasingly in plasmonics. Due to the limitations of conventional lithography methods, the development of bottom-up fabricated metallic nanostructures has become more and more in demand. The remarkable development of DNA-based(More)
We present a method for controlled connection of gold electrodes with dsDNA molecules (locally on a chip) by utilizing polymerase to elongate single-stranded DNA primers attached to the electrodes. Thiol-modified oligonucleotides are directed and immobilized to nanoscale electrodes by means of dielectrophoretic trapping, and extended in a procedure(More)
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