Boxiang Dong

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The data-cleaning-as-a-service (<i>DCaS</i>) paradigm enables users to outsource their data and data cleaning needs to computationally powerful third-party service providers. It raises several security issues. One of the issues is how the client can protect the private information in the outsourced data. In this paper, we focus on data deduplication as the(More)
The cloud paradigm enables users to outsource their data to computationally powerful third-party service providers for data management. Many data management tasks rely on the data dependencies in the outsourced data. This raises an important issue of how the data owner can protect the sensitive information in the outsourced data while preserving the data(More)
—Intrusion detection system (IDS) is an important part of enterprise security system architecture. In particular, anomaly-based IDS has been widely applied to detect abnormal process behaviors that deviate from the majority. However, such abnormal behavior usually consists of a series of low-level heterogeneous events. The gap between the low-level events(More)
Cloud computing enables the outsourcing of big data analyt-ics, where a third-party server is responsible for data storage and processing. In this paper, we consider the outsourcing model that provides string similarity search as the service. In particular, given a similarity search query, the service provider returns all strings from the outsourced dataset(More)
—Computational grids are a promising platform for solving platform for solving large-scale resource intensive problems. Security problems become an urgent and complex undertaking for the application of grid computing. Traditional approaches to proving certificates validity such as CRL and OCSP are problematic in some areas. A new mechanism LSSM(Low-level(More)