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Exponential growth of media consumption in online social networks demands effective recommendation to improve the quality of experience especially for on-the-go mobile users. By means of large-scale trace-driven measurements over mobile Twitter traces from users, we reveal the significance of affective features in shaping users' social media behaviors.(More)
Cloud platforms offer computing, storage and other related resources to cloud consumers in the form of Virtual Machines (VMs), and allow VMs scaling according to the workload characteristic. Specially, with cloud computing, service providers need no longer to maintain a large number of expensive physical machines, which can significantly reduce the cost.(More)
The ever increasing of display resolution on mobile devices raises high demand for GPU rendering details. However, the challenge of poor hardware support but fine-grained rendering details often makes user unsatisfied especially in calling for high frame rate scenarios, e.g., game. To resolve such issue, we propose BUTTERFLY, a novel system which(More)
A modified algorithm for two-dimensional TPC decoding is proposed to reduce the wrong frame rate in the (16,11,4)<sup>2</sup> Turbo Product Code (TPC) decoding in this paper. It is based on the hard decision decoding, including a chooser and a parallel decoding architecture that one is column-row and the other is row-column. The Monte-Carlo simulation shows(More)
Exponential growth of media generated in online social networks demands effective recommendation to improve the efficiency of media access especially for mobile users. In particular, content, objective quality or general popularity are less decisive for the prediction of user-click behavior than friendship-conditioned patterns. Existing recommender systems(More)
Scalable Video Coding (SVC) is a promising technique to enable flexible video transmission for a time-varying available bandwidth. Most of previous works about the scalable video transmission independently focus on the optimal number of video layers to be transmitted or the routing of each video layer. An emerging network technology, Software Defined(More)
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