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To control plant morphology by interactive mode in the process of plant simulation, a method for plant modeling based on the combination of L-system and sketch is proposed in this paper. The user can sketch the trunk by drawing a stroke in the plant growth model, so as to determine the overall shape and growth direction of plant. Meanwhile, in order to(More)
We created entertainment systems called "Hanmadang". The goal of the Hanmadang project is to allow players to experience massive face-to-face interaction. To reduce entry barriers of participation, it enables players to use their own mobile phone as an input interface by using an audio response system. Two games "Youngcha!" and "Hankanoid" are developed as(More)
Due to the distance between satellite transponder and ground terminal in the satellite communication system, satellite communication is affected badly by multipath fading and shadowing effect. These factors seriously affect the quality of communication and the system spectrum efficiency. In this paper, we describe the transmission characteristics of(More)
The world of mouth(WOM) plays a fundamental role in consumer decision-making, further influences corporations' future revenue., the estimation of future cash flow is an important factor when a company makes investment decisions. The common estimation is based on history revenue records, which is lack of validity. When deciding to see a movie, a consumer(More)
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