Bowen Song

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Differentiation of malignant and benign pulmonary nodules is of paramount clinical importance. Texture features of pulmonary nodules in CT images reflect a powerful character of the malignancy in addition to the geometry-related measures. This study first compared three well-known types of two-dimensional (2D) texture features (Haralick, Gabor, and local(More)
PURPOSE Computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) of colonic polyps always faces the challenge of classifying imbalanced data. In this paper, three new operating point selection strategies based on receiver operating characteristic curve are proposed to address the problem. METHODS Classification on imbalanced data performs inferiorly because of a(More)
Computer-aided detection (CADe) of pulmonary nodules is critical to assisting radiologists in early identification of lung cancer from computed tomography (CT) scans. This paper proposes a novel CADe system based on a hierarchical vector quantization (VQ) scheme. Compared with the commonly-used simple thresholding approach, the high-level VQ yields a more(More)
Previous genome-wide expression studies have highlighted distinct gene expression patterns in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) compared to control samples, but the interpretation of these studies has been limited by sample heterogeneity with respect to disease phenotype, disease activity, and anatomic sites. To further improve molecular classification of(More)
Image textures in computed tomography colonography (CTC) have great potential for differentiating non-neoplastic from neoplastic polyps and thus can advance the current CTC detection-only paradigm to a new level with diagnostic capability. However, image textures are frequently compromised, particularly in low-dose CT imaging. Furthermore, texture feature(More)
The Lhasa terrane is a key region for understanding the paleoelevation of the southern Tibetan Plateau after India-Asia collision. The Gerze Basin, located in the northern part of the Lhasa terrane, is a shortening-related basin. We discovered Lagena laevis (Bandy) fossils in upper Eocene strata of the Gerze Basin. This type of foraminifera is associated(More)
PURPOSE Differentiation of colon lesions according to underlying pathology, e.g., neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions, is of fundamental importance for patient management. Image intensity-based textural features have been recognized as useful biomarker for the differentiation task. In this paper, we introduce texture features from higher-order images,(More)