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Increasing Axial Resolution of Ultrasonic Imaging With a Joint Sparse Representation Model
The axial resolution of ultrasonic imaging is confined by the temporal width of acoustic pulse generated by the transducer, which has a limited bandwidth. Expand
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Real-time monitoring of controllable cavitation erosion in a vessel phantom with passive acoustic mapping.
Cavitation erosion in blood vessel plays an important role in ultrasound thrombolysis, drug delivery, and other clinical applications. The controllable superficial vessel erosion based on ultrasonicExpand
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Passive acoustic mapping of cavitation using eigenspace-based robust Capon beamformer in ultrasound therapy.
Pulse-echo imaging technique can only play a role when high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is turned off due to the interference between the primary HIFU signal and the transmission pulse. Expand
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Ultrasound contrast plane wave imaging with higher CTR based on pulse inversion bubble wavelet transform
Although ultrasound contrast plane wave imaging can avoid the repeated disruption and capture the transient spatial distribution of microbubbles, it is still limited by lower contrast-to-tissue ratioExpand
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Laser-Activated Bioprobes with High Photothermal Conversion Efficiency for Sensitive Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Imaging and Photothermal Sensing.
Laser-activated bioprobes with high photothermal conversion efficiency (IRPDA@PFH NDs) based on biocompatible IR-780 doped polydopamine perfluorocarbon nanodroplets (NDs) were developed. WhenExpand
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Visualizing the mechanical wave of vocal fold tissue during phonation using electroglottogram-triggered ultrasonography.
In order to investigate the vibration pattern, especially the vibrational phase of tissue beneath the vocal fold mucosa, an imaging method called electroglottogram-triggered ultrasonography isExpand
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Pulse-Inversion Subharmonic Ultrafast Active Cavitation Imaging in Tissue Using Fast Eigenspace-Based Adaptive Beamforming and Cavitation Deconvolution
Pulse-inversion subharmonic (PISH) imaging can display information relating to pure cavitation bubbles while excluding that of tissue. Although plane-wave-based ultrafast active cavitation imagingExpand
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Visualizing the movement of the contact between vocal folds during vibration by using array-based transmission ultrasonic glottography.
For the purpose of noninvasively visualizing the dynamics of the contact between vibrating vocal fold medial surfaces, an ultrasonic imaging method which is referred to as array-based transmissionExpand
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Imaging the Activation of Low-Boiling-Point Phase-Change Contrast Agents in the Presence of Tissue Motion Using Ultrafast Inter-frame Activation Ultrasound Imaging.
Nanoscale phase-change contrast agents (PCCAs) have been found to have great potential in non-invasive extravascular imaging and therapeutic delivery. However, the contrast-to-tissue ratio (CTR) ofExpand
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Visualizing the Vibration of Laryngeal Tissue during Phonation Using Ultrafast Plane Wave Ultrasonography.
Ultrafast plane wave ultrasonography is employed in this study to visualize the vibration of the larynx and quantify the vibration phase as well as the vibration amplitude of the laryngeal tissue.Expand
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